Wind Power

One of the oldest methods of mankind of the extraction of power from a natural resource is the utilization of wind. In comparison to the “windmills” in the past the modern wind turbines are equipped with a complex technology.

Wind energy plants can be used in all climate zones, on the sea and on all landforms (coast, inland, mountains) for the purpose of generating electricity. In 2009 a trial of the renowned Harvard University concluded that the globally achievable wind energy is by far sufficient to cover the entire world energy demand. Another current trial from the Max-Planck institution for biogeochemistry reached the conclusion, that mechanical energy in the amount of 17.000 GW to 38.000 GW can be extracted from the Wind without significantly affecting the climate.

A wind power plant converts kinetic wind energy into electricity and feeds it into the power net. The average wind speed at the site location of the wind power plant is given for the prediction of the annual energy yield.

The cost effective operation of a wind plant depends on the feed-in remuneration and is estimated to be ensured by a minimum average wind speed of approximately 5-6 m/s.


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