Hydroelectric Power

For many years humanity endeavours to use the power of water for power generation. After many stages of development (waterwheel, …) todays latest technologies are used.

Run-of-river plant

Run-of-river plants transform the power of running water into electrical energy.

Depending on fall height and flow rate, different types of power plants and turbines are used. This type of power plant produces electricity constantly and is used to cover the base load.

Storage power plant

Storage power plants are hydroelectric power plants equipped with dams. The advantage of such plants is that in case of increased electricity requirement they can be taken into operation within few minutes. As a result of the quick set into operation phase storage power plants are used for periods of peak power demand. Stored electricity which can be released at peak periods is extremely valuable, because it can be produced according to requirements.

Overview of the turbines


Cross-Flow Turbine



Volume flow

relative slight




Drop height

very high




Field of application

Storage power plant, Hydraulic power plant

Hydraulic power plant

allround operativ

Hydraulic power plant

Efficiency factor

up to 90 %

ca. 80 %

ca. 90 %

up to 96 %



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