Sun, wind and water are an ideal supplement to the conventional energy sources. Renewable energies are furthermore available for free disposal. Due to the limited capabilities of the conventional energy sources it is inevitable to accelerate various technologies in order to generate energy from renewable source.

Additional advantages of an investment in renewable energies are environment protection, economic reinforcement through development and research activities as well as providing new jobs.

Investments in power plants for energy generation not only preserve the environment, additionally the economic efficiency in the long run is given. The investments are made after a very detailed economical, legal and technical validation by Blue Planet Holding. The Management pursues thereby a clear strategy:

Assurance of Projects

The power plants are ensured by the conclusion of a legally binding purchase agreement with suspensive effect, during their conception and planning stage.


Prior to the Acquisition of the power plants the following conditions are already fulfilled:

Energy sale and the country specific funding are ensured on a long term basis.

The legal and technical validation of the power plant has been completed positively.

The annual energy generation will be guaranteed either by the respective power plant constructor or by an insurance company, if economically acceptable.


The operation of the plants is made by Blue Planet Holding, whereas the technical management of the plants is ensured by well-known companies.

The investment strategy of Blue Planet Holding is structured into:

A conscious diversification of the technologies in the areas water, wind and solar; in order to minimize natural induced production fluctuations of the respective technologies throughout the year and to ensure a relatively consistent cash flow.

Securing earnings through reliable and experienced partner companies.


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